Every single event that we shared on social media, we got aleast one comment with the Livestream option. We always replied with “No”.

This Corona epidemic is just weeks away to become a monster in Pakistan(god forbid). The government has done what it could to do. They banned all social and professional gatherings, locked-down schools for the next 3 weeks. This applies to Code Movement Pakistan and it’s operations too.

But as this virus isn’t fatal, if one doesn’t have other medical conditions, he/she will recover in 2 weeks. Job market challenges, skill competency and other cooperate issues are still there to deal with.

We had an informal discussion over the weekend planned a few things to do during this time period to make sure our developer’s community stay competitive.

1. Live technical sessions
2. Frequent quizzes and small prizes
3. Invite our foreign IT experts on live sessions to know more about trends in the software industry.

We are coming online at 9:30PM tonight from the Code Movement Pakistan Facebook page to discuss these options.

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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/codemovement.pk/

We need more suggestions from you. What do you think how can we best utilize this “social distant” tenure?